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Industrial Internet of Things, Services and People initiative

Industrial IoTSP will demonstrate the possibilities of digitalization through concrete and impressive pilots together with the Swedish process industry, in order to ensure that Sweden is well positioned within process industrial IT and Automation also in the future.

Aim and goal

Provide the foundation for next generation industrial intelligent products, systems and services built upon IoT, cloud and 5G technologies. This will create the foundation for the next generation smart, collaborative industrial devices and systems. New services and business models will be added on top of this foundation to meet the needs of the industry and the people working in it.


How can process industry gain from the development of IoT, cloud technology and 5G? Technologies that originate from the IT domain and are therefore not natively developed for industrial automation. Which functions can we also use in industrial applications where the requirements on availability and reliability are much higher? How can we effectively integrate these new functions in today's automation systems?


Through several pilots together with our industrial partners we will evaluate and test following technologies from an applicability for process industrial IT and automation point of view:

  1. Cloud based automation services.
  2. 5G for industrial automation
  3. IIaaS – Industrial Infrastructure-as- a-Service.
  4. Digitized Collaboration.
  5. Service-based business models.


Productivity and automation is to a large extent about optimizing utilization of resources. This project will help to increase the level of automation, improve decision support and make process industries more productive and efficient. Thus, an increased efficiency regarding utilization of materials and energy can be reached.


Project name

Industrial IoTSP



RISE role in project


Project start



Total budget

37,5 MSEK


ABB , Ericsson, Mälarenergi, Boliden, LKAB, Sandvik


Vinnova, Process Industrial IT and Automation, ABB

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Larisa Rizvanovic

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Larisa Rizvanovic


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