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Individual metering for sustainable water use by apartment households

The drinking water in Halmstad’s and Laholm’s municipalities is produced from a groundwater source that has reached maximum capacity, and the VA organization works with several perspectives to meet the water demand. This project focuses on the possibility of using individual water metering in apartment households as a tool to reduce water use.

The project will create an understanding of the prerequisites and obstacles of individual measurement as a tool for reduced water use and provide a direction for continued work and implementation of communication measures. The project can be divided into the following four parts:

  1. Analysis and compilation of information and experiences from property owners who use individual water metering in apartments and projects that include individual metering. Information is also included about payment models from property companies that uses individual measurement and charging.
  2. Analysis and evaluation of water consumption data for apartment buildings and apartment households.
  3. Market research of existing technology (digital water meters and platform for collecting and visualizing data) as a basis for the purchase and installation of water meters, which is also carried out within the project. The market research will particularly focus on the installation of water flow meters in existing properties (not new production and renovation).
  4. Development of communication methods that make residents aware of their water use in order to create conditions for a change to a more sustainable water use.

The project's effect goal is that residents in apartment buildings will reduce their drinking water use and thereby contribute to a secure drinking water supply.


Report IMiL (pdf, 6.95 MB)


Project name

IM for sustainable drinking water use



RISE role in project

project manager, performer

Project start


One year


Laholmsbuktens VA, Påhlsson Fastigheter, Laholmshem


Länsstyrelsen Hallands län


Project members

Josefine Klingberg

Contact person

Josefine Klingberg


+46 70 322 63 14

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