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Increased function of laminated glass products with fibre optic sensors

Adding fibre optic sensors by lamination in windows will result in a “smart glass”. An advantage with these electrical sensors are that the fibres are small and transparent rendering them almost invisible. They can measure temperature, elongation as well as vibrations over long distances or large areas.

The purpose of the pre-study is to investigate the possibilities of laminating fibre optics in between two glass panes and explore what applications have the largest potentials and benefits.

In the project we will suggest suitable fibres for lamination and ideas for connecting the fibres for transferring data from the laminated product. Laminations tests will be performed resulting in early stage prototypes. These will be evaluated to find out how the lamination process influences the functionality of the fibre sensors.

A very important part is to identify what areas are most suitable for the technique. One possible application is to be able to use the window or facade for measuring temperature and use it to regulate the amount of sun protection needed. The fibres do not absorb sunlight and measure the surrounding temperature better than many other materials. Building with wood is increasing and glass can be used to protect a wooden facade. When the initial issues with laminating wood and glass are overcome fibres could be included in the whole facade. Loadbearing glass constructions are also increasing. In these laminated fibres could be used to measure elongation and contribute to monitoring load variations.

The project group is broad and comprises both the glass and fibre optic parts of RISE, the Linnaeus University, the Swedish Federation of Wood and the GFAB and industrial laminating Company.


Project name

Lamination of optical fibres




Region Kronoberg, Region Stockholm

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Total budget

830 000 kr


GFAB, Linnaeus University, Swedish Federation of Wood

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