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Development of aid that improves voting possibilities for people with visual impairment
Photo: Ronald Helgers

Improved voting possibilities for people suffering with a visual impai

'Equal voting right' focuses on an improved independence while voting, for people suffering with a visual impairment. The project is requested by the Swedish year 2020 election investigation and works in close collaboration with SKR. The project uses a user-centered design process with a strong focus on accessibility and design for all.

The Swedish voting investigation year 2020 (Ju2020:08) has given RISE the assignment to investigate and develop accessibility aids that enable an increased independence while voting for people that suffer with a visual impairment. This should be done while guaranteeing full voting anonymity, something that is not possible today for this specific target group.

Voting with a visual impairment
In the Swedish election today it is not possible for voters with a severe visual impairment or a complete lost of vision to vote for candidates while remaining anonymous. The ballot papers used in today's elections are not designed in an accessible way for this group of voters. In order to fully participate in the Swedish elections some voters are forced to ask for help and have to give up their voting anonymity.

RISE uses an iterative user-centered design process based on understanding the user groups' needs, challenges and experiences. This process gives a creative and engaging development platform that enables and generates insight and knowledge about the users' needs. By including the target group several times during this process we produce ideas together that lead to prototypes that we validate with the users. The method builds on empathy with the users and helps directing focus on solving the "right" problem.


Project name

Equal voting right



RISE role in project


Project start


7 veckor

Total budget

SEK 450 000


Synskadades Riksförbund (SRF)


2020 års valutredning

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

5. Gender equality
10. Reduced inequalities
16. Peace, justice and strong institutions
Lovisa Fris Åsum

Contact person

Lovisa Fris Åsum


+46 70 263 04 59

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