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GrafCoat: Grafene reinforced cement paint

In order to further improve the properties of already existing cement-based coatings, a graphene fictionalized cement-based coating material will be developed in this project.


Concrete is dominant material for building and civil engineering structures worldwide; durable but porous to decomposing chlorides, carbon dioxide and other aggressive substances. To improve durability, surface coatings are used. Cement-based coatings, which preserve and interact with the alkaline environment of concrete, are increasingly being investigated and used.


The aim of the project is to develop a cement-based protective coating for concrete infrastructures such as road sides, tunnels, bridges, silos, industrial buildings, housing. Graphene fictionalized with silica allows a reinforced bond to cement and establishes a micro-reinforcement of the molecular structure. This property would be particularly advantageous in thin coating layers; adhesion, protection against carbonation and with optional aesthetic properties. 

Project organization

The project brings together four partners with complementary competencies. Lanark AB is the coordinator with the aim to develop and commercialize the final product. Lanark currently collaborates with Cementa and Sika and is the producer of the existing cement-based coating used in the project as a reference material. Chalmers and SHT provide expertise and manufacturing of graphene and 2D materials. Rise CBI provides competence for research and development and testing/screening in the product development process. Chalmers fastighet/Akademiska Hus establishes/evaluates a demonstration facility on the Chalmers campus.


Project name

GrafCoat: Grafene reinforced cement pain



RISE role in project

Project participant

Project start


1,5 år

Total budget




Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Gilles Plusquellec

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Gilles Plusquellec


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