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Fossil-free aviation 2045

Fossil-free Aviation 2045

Fossil-free aviation 2045 is a network for collaboration and increased consensus, to accelerate the transition to fossil-free aviation. Our mission is for everyone to be able to travel without any major climate impact. We take the role of bridge builder and get all actors in the ecosystem together to find solutions across borders.

Our mission is for everyone to be able to travel without any major climate impact. We bring together authorities, businesses, public players, academia and the industries found within the ecosystem of a fossil-free aviation.

Our vision is that Sweden has a fossil-free domestic and international aviation at 2045. We also want to create a globally leading biofuel region, with local production and export of knowledge, skills and technology. We also include and support other innovations whose goals are fossil-free aircraft. 

We work to make it not only a discussion, but also actions of our work. For us, therefore, it is important to create an active meeting place where things happen, where participants and others have the opportunity to meet, collaborate and find ways towards new projects and solutions, and where such collaboration is supported in different ways to create tangible results.

The results of our work; a technology and market screening, a common roadmap for the aviation ecosystem, which shows the way to the goal, and a needs analysis that clarifies what is needed for us to get there, will make a concrete contribution to a fossil-free Sweden by 2045.

In order to cope with the change, everyone in the ecosystem around fossil-free aviation needs to work in the same direction, despite different individual inputs and objectives.

Power to flygbränsle presentation av Maria Fiskerud 28 mars 2019

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