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FLU-ID - portable influenza diagnostics

The FLU-ID project developed a portable biosensor system solution that shortens the total time for the diagnostic test of influenza to less than 60 minutes. The detection method is based on volume amplification of a virus target in a microfluidic chip and magnetic sensing of a magnetic nanoparticle-based assay.

Aim and Goal

The purpose of this interdisciplinary project was the development of a low-cost and portable miniaturized diagnostics unit, which will provide an efficient analytical platform for rapid detection of influenza directly at the point of care.


An influenza epidemic is unlike any other public health emergency in terms of complexity, distribution and ability to devastate Sweden, Europe and the world. The H1N1 swine flu was the last example of such a pandemic. The more typical seasonal influenza remains the most frequent annual cause of respiratory illnesses requiring medical intervention.


The project developed a portable biosensor system solution that shortens the total time for the diagnostic test of influenza less than 60 minutes, while achieving a target sensitivity of 600 molecules per milliliter of sample. Sample preparation, assay and interface to the detector are realized through a microfluidic lab-on-a-chip device. A magnetic detection system was developed to analyze the magnetic nanoparticle-based assay.


The biosensor system is based on state-of-the-art bio- and nano-technology and enabled the detection, identification and monitoring of influenza, with universal relevance to both developed and resource-poor countries. The methods and instruments developed in the project focus on influenza, but are generic and not limited to this specific disease. The project generated Swedish-owned IP and lead to internationally competitive competence


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Project start


6 years

Total budget

6.1 MSEK (32 MSEK)


The consortium consists of expertise in test and assay development (Uppsala and Stockholm University), device and detection development (Chalmers and RISE), sample generation and preparation (Karolinska Institute)


Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning (SSF)

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Jakob Blomgren

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Jakob Blomgren

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