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Fiber Optic Valley basfinansiering

The project lays the foundation for financing the Regional Innovation Node Northern Hälsingland. The node is engaged in innovation and innovation in the company and the public sector and is based on collaboration between the region, the municipality, the university / university and research institutes.

Purpose and goal
The availability of innovation development in Norra Hälsingland will increase through collaboration between functions / services of performing actors. Regional Innovation nodes in Northern Hälsingland will contribute to this.

The need is innovation and innovation in companies and public activities are great. At the same time, functions / services offered by public actors are not coordinated.

The project / Noden will shape efforts from public actors and create a critical mass for the work on innovation in Northern Hälsingland. The node is based on collaboration between the region, municipality, university / university and research institute. The project serves as a base funding to provide exchange through other public projects. The project is expected to give up at least 4 times. Implementation is run through the Fiber Optic Valley and Propell Innovation brands.

Long-term stronger company and the public sector in Region Gävleborg and Hudiksvalls Kommun (Norra Hälsingland).


Project name

Fiber Optic Valley basic funding




Region Gävleborg

RISE role in project

Project owner and project manager

Project start



Total budget

5 500 000 kr/år


Fiber Optic Valley, Propell Innovation


Region Gävleborg, Hudiksvalls kommun

Project members

Contact person

Mattias Öhr


+46 10 228 41 98

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