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Evaluation of the performance of stormwater facilities

Opportunities are being explored to build a national test bed for independent testing of stormwater facilities. In parallel, a proposal for a national standard for carrying out the tests is being prepared. Evaluation of facilities will creat security as uncertainties can be checked and dismissed.

When the standard and test bed are in place, comparison of facilities are possible and requirements can be placed on the facilities' performance. This will contribute to a more sustainable society and reduced emissions of pollutions. The test bed will also help suppliers evaluate, test and optimize their products.

This project is a continuation of the projects " Classification of manufactured treatment devices for stormwater management" and " Pre-study of test bed for stormwater facilities", for more information see link to project pages below.

Specific goals of this project are:

  1. Answer the remaining questions of both practical and theoretical nature to enable the construction of the test bed.
  2. Investigate and develop proposals for a business model for the test bed.
  3. Examine the use of sensors in the test bed.
  4. Carry out design of the test bed.
  5. Have a continued dialogue with companies and experts so that the project is anchored in a good way and experience is gained internationally.

The goal is that this project will create sufficient clarity and knowledge to take the test bed in the next step, evaluate it and evaluate the standard and classification with the help of the test bed. Furthermore, the ambition is to work with SIS to develop a proposal for a new national standard (SNS) or work for an international standard.

Final report


Project name

Evaluation of stormwater facilities



RISE role in project

Projektledare, utförare

Project start


10 months


Rent Dagvatten, VA-guiden



Project members

Josefine Klingberg

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Josefine Klingberg


+46 70 322 63 14

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