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European network for innovative and advanced epitaxy (OPERA)

EU COST Action OPERA aims to foster interdisciplinary collaborative research activities allowing maintaining European epitaxy at the topmost worldwide level of research and innovation.

III-N quantum structure grown by MOCVD

The world is now facing challenges affecting our daily life that include, among the most acute, health care, energy, telecommunications, sustainable industry, smart cities and climate action. The successful response to these challenges lies on our ability to solve technological roadblocks related to the development of innovative devices based on advanced materials.

The COST Action OPERA will build a new European Network composed of expert communities in epitaxial growth focusing on different materials classes: conventional semiconductors, oxides and 2D materials. It aims to bridge the gap between traditionally separated scientific communities, both academic and industrial, having the common goal to combine complementary knowledge, push further the material maturation, and exploit epitaxial combinations of the different material classes in order to unveil new properties and produce new functionalities. The project includes following three working groups (WGs): WG1 Fundamental research – New Materials; WG2 Applications-oriented material developments and WG3 Industry-oriented materials development and technological transfers.

RISE will be involved in all three working groups and provide its advanced epitaxy and related cutting edge device processing technology to the project partners and associated companies.


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RISE role in project


Project start


4 years


COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)


Project members

Qin Wang

Contact person

Qin Wang

Senior Expert

+46 10 228 41 29

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