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Equality in journalism

The media play an important role in how we perceive the world. To be represented in the media is therefore important. The project will in collaborative processes identify challenges and potential for innovation that can promote inclusive news and safe online dissussions in the media.

Research have revealed that there are challenges with representing groups in society in the media, for example, less than a third of those represented in media are women and in roles such as spokespersons or experts they are even fewer.

Other projects have been working on making statistics accessible and raising awareness, thus in this project, we take the next step by finding proactive solutions that serve journalists' work processes. This is done together with journalists in workshops. The project asks what current work processes look like and maps challenges with working more aware of norms and equality.

The goal is to map needs and generate innovation ideas for a possible innovation project where solutions can be prototyped and tested.

"Jämlikt i journalistik" (Equality in journalism) is a Vinnova-funded project within Norm Critical Innovation. The project is a collaboration between Norran and RISE ICT / Interactive in Piteå. The project also have an interest in receiving input from other research and innovation projects or from the media industry working in this field.


Project name

Equality in journalism



RISE role in project


Project start


8 månader

Total budget

400 000





Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

5. Gender equality
10. Reduced inequalities
16. Peace, justice and strong institutions
Sofia Larsson

Contact person

Sofia Larsson

Senior Researcher

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