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Dilam project

Digitalised additive manufacturing of large components

The goal of the project is to create a physical and virtual testbed for additive manufacturing of large-scale components, thereby reinforcing a new branch of Swedish manufacturing industry, the tools for which have not been available until now.

Additive manufacturing has been implemented to an increasing extent over recent years until today the technology is used in everything from the development of prototypes to production equipment and end products. Traditionally, this technology has been restricted to the manufacture of relatively small components. In order for additive manufacturing is to become an equally established manufacturing method for larger components, a testbed is needed where companies can evaluate the technology prior to implementing it in their own production processes.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing of large components will have applications in areas such as chassis components, furniture, packaging and large tools. Digitisation in combination with additive manufacturing offers advantages such as digital spare parts inventory, real-time quality assurance monitoring and increased automation of both design and postprocessing. 

The testbed will consist of two main components:

  • An industrial robot-based 3D printer for large components, developed by RISE. 
  • Digitalised production integration of additive manufacturing of large components, facilitating an effective transition from requirement specification to design and manufactured Product.


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RISE role in project

Project leader, research performer

Project start


3 years


RISE, Chalmers University of Technology, ABB Robotics, SICK, Robot System Products (RSP), KFM Maskin, Randek, Melker of Sysslebäck, Skara Modell & Prototyp, Svenska Woody, Prodma, Combitech, Unibap, BLB Industries, Nederman, Cipax, Torsby Kommun.


Vinnova, Swedish Energy Agency, FORMAS

Seyed Hosseini

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Seyed Hosseini


+46 10 228 47 57

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