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The website was created due to the exceptional situation with the pandemic. It placed great demands on fast and coordinated digital solutions. The site is still much needed today and is an integrated info and support portal that provides clear support for the digital transformation of care, welfare and social services.

The focus for the site is to support municipalities, organizations in municipal care and social services with:

  • Doing right - advice to comply with applicable laws, such as confidentiality and procurement.
  • Getting started - tips and presentation of developed services and knowledge of what digital services and products are available, which can be found on the Marketplace page.
  • Broadening the use of services - tips and ideas on how already introduced services can be used in different ways. is a compass for care and social services in the needs of transformation from analog and physical to digital. Here you can directly find links to the specific materials of the collaborators that have been collected and created to meet the new challenge.

The various national actors in the project working in health care, social care and social services support the work that is done in the municipalities. At, through this collaboration, there is a credible and quality-assured content that is offered to everyone who needs.

The site is maintained by RISE in collaboration with the National Board of Health, the E-Health Authority, the Swedish Agency for Participation, SKR, the Swedish Social Managers Association, the Procurement Authority, PTS, the Healthcare Analysis, IT&Telecom bolagen; the IT and telecom companies, Swedish Medtech and Medtech 4 health and co-financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs. Updates are ongoing.


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Digital Care



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Socialstyrelsen, E-hälsomyndigheten, Myndigheten för delaktighet, SKR (Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner), Sveriges Socialchefer, PTS, Upphandlingsmyndigheten, Vårdanalys, IT&Telekomföretagen, Swedish Medtech, Medtech 4 health



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