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Wheel loader with solid manure for digestion
Photo: Mats Edström

Digestion of poultry manure, deep litter manure, horse manure

Solid manure is a poorly used resource in Sweden but by anaerobic digestion this can be change. It has the potential to contribute with 1 TWh biogas/year. Furthermore, nitrogen is largely in organically bound form but by digestion it´s directly plant available nitrogen form, ammonia, will be multiplied.

In today's use of solid manure in agriculture, its potential is only partly used. Digestion of solid manure means that it can generate considerably more goods. The overall aim and goal of the projects within this area is to, in large scale biogas plants, identify and test technology and system solutions for substrate mixtures with mostly solid manure, also including its digestate handling and use. It is also included to demonstrate that these digestion processes can be operated efficiently.

The work within this area has been divided into two projects:

  1. Digestion tests in the RISE test bed “mobile pilot plant for biogas research” of nitrogen rich chicken manure as the main substrate. The digestate was partly processed via separation with a decanter centrifuge followed by concentration via evaporation. This project has been final reported.
    * Project title: Super digestate fertilizer for organic crop production
    * Financer: Vinnova
    * Final report: Digestion of poultry manure with digestate processing in pilot scale tests (RISE Report 2018:39)
  2. Together with partners in the biogas industry develop source separation in the stable, test robust pre-treatment that enable efficient digestion, and develop efficient use of the fertilizer products. The partners represent the biogas industry, biogas and agricultural R&D as well as decision makers with focus on the reduction of eutrophication from agriculture. This project is ongoing.
    * Project title: Joint solid manure cooperation, transforming a problematic product into a useful resource by digestion
    * Financer: Vinnova (program Challenge-Driven Innovation, stage 1)



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Co-digestion of solid and liquid manure




Region Kalmar County, Region Uppsala, Region Östergötland

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Project 1: Mönsterås Biogas, Promill Teknik AB, Linnéuniversitetet , Project 2: Gasum, More Biogas, SLU Egendomsförvaltningen, Länsstyrelsen i Kalmar Län samt SLU, institutionen för energi och teknik

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Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
14. Life below water
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Mats Edström


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