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DFusion - Data Fusion of Disturbance Data

The objective of the project is to explore and develop digital tools for data fusion and analysis of data from production systems to improve disturbance management, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Nearly 50% of Swedish production capacity is not used due to disturbances caused by e.g. equipment failures, process deviations, quality issues, or wrong handling. Disturbances also increase process waste, need for raw material and energy, and impair the work environment. The project’s purpose is to support companies in managing disturbances, to create efficient and sustainable production systems. The goal is to explore and develop digital tools for data fusion and analysis of industry data with the goal of enhancing disturbance handling, increase efficiency and decrease waste.

Expected effects are improved solutions for disturbance handling, increasing efficiency in production systems, as well as improved environmental and social sustainability. The main results from the project are knowledge, work methodology, technical solutions, and demonstrations of how different data sources can be combined (data fusion) to yield more performant solutions for handling disturbances by strengthening categorization, prioritization, and analytics. Results also include publications, education materials and implemented solutions in partner companies.

RISE and Chalmers University will conduct research on data fusion based on three industrial case studies at Nolato Gota, Nord-Lock,, and Nexans. Solution providers EyeAtProduction, Good Solutions, IFM Electronic, and Qestio will making sure the studies include two or more data sources, e.g. combining disturbance logs with video streams, sensor data and maintenance system data. The fused data will be used to develop analytics tools for visualization, prioritization, categorization recommendation, powered by state-of-the-art data analytics, machine learning (ML) and AI technologies.


Project name

DFusion-Data Fusion of Disturbance Data



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Project start


3 år

Total budget



Chalmers, EyeAtProduction, Good Solutions Sweden , IFM Electronic , Qestio, Nolato Gota , Nord-Lock, Nexans Sweden


Vinnova (Avancerad och innovativ digitalisering), Avancerad Digitalisering


Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

8. Decent work and economic growth
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Per Gullander

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Per Gullander


+46 10 228 48 27

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