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Development of tools for people with visual impairments to use to vote

RISE is designing to decrease barriers people with visual impairments encounter when voting . The government has given Valmyndigheten the assignment, in collaboration with RISE, to produce solutions for people with visual impairment to cast their vote independently. The process is user centered focused on accessibility and universal design.

Prototyper från förstudieprojekt framtagna av RISE


In spring 2022, the government gives Valmyndigheten the assignment, in collaboration with RISE, to develop solutions and produce one or several prototypes of assistive technology for people with visual impairments to use in our elections. The solutions have to make it possible to vote for a party and a candidate. 

To vote with a visual impairment today 

 Currently, to vote with a visual impairment is not easy enough, nor is it possible to cast a vote on a candidate, only party, with preserved electoral secrecy. People with visual impairments can get ballots, in envelopes with braille sent to their homes, but there is no way to confirm the content or cast a vote on a candidate without asking for help from a person with vision. Several steps in the process need to be made accessible for voting to be done with preserved electoral secrecy.

To vote independently means that the person can identify the ballots, get the information on them, cast their vote on a candidate and get their choice confirmed. 


RISE uses an iterative user-centered design process based on understanding the users' needs, challenges and previous experiences. By including the user group continuously during the process, we can generate ideas and solutions that match their needs. The method gives us the possibility to identify and iteratively test solutions relevant to the target group. 



Project name

Equal suffrage 2.0




Region Stockholm, Västra Götaland Region

RISE role in project

Project owner

Project start


2022 - 2024


Synskadades riksförbund, Unga med Synnedsättning, Valmyndigheten



Project members

Lovisa Fris Åsum

Contact person

Lovisa Fris Åsum


+46 70 263 04 59

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