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CUSTODES - will facilitate cybersecurity certifications

With the growing number of ICT products and services in society and increasing cyber threats, the EU has raised cybersecurity requirements through the Cybersecurity Act, which requires certification of ICT to be sold on the European market. The project aims to develop and implement an innovative composite inspection and certification system. 

Project description

Horizon Europe project CUSTODES* will develop and implement an innovative configurable, user-friendly, and cost-effective Composite Inspection and Certification (CIC) System which will facilitate the cybersecurity certification of ICT Products (software, hardware, ICT systems, ICT Services, ICT Processes) which will serve as Targets of Evaluation (ToE).

Purpose of the project

CUSTODES contributes to the ENISAs’ mission to implement the Cybersecurity Act i.e., to “proactively contribute to the emerging EU framework for the ICT certification of products and services and carry out the drawing up of candidate certification schemes in line with the Cybersecurity Act, and additional services and tasks”.

The project's solutions

The key innovative aspects of CUSTODES solution are:

  • Re-usability
  • Broad Applicability
  • Trustworthy, cost-efficient certification process
  • Dynamic Development of Protection Profiles
  • Sharing Certification Information
  • Certification-as-a-Service

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* A Certification approach for dynamic, agile, and reUSable assessmenT fOr composite systems of ICT proDucts, servicEs, and processeS


Project name




RISE role in project

Coordinator and Testbed

Project start


3 years

Total budget

6 382 922 EUR


EU Horizon Europe

Project website


Project members

Shahid Raza

Contact person

Shahid Raza


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