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Cost-effective low-volume and high-mix production with flexible automation

A shift in technology sometimes presents companies with a challenge to keep up with the changes. In this project a consortium of companies works together with instute and academia to support automation solutions in regards to economy, ergonomics and productivity.

In a consortium comprised of small and large companies alike, we will use industrial robotic implementations to develop good examples of flexible automation. Another project objective is to ensure that companies gain greater control over the integration of their automation solutions. The project will support companies with guidelines which take into account economy, ergonomics and productivity and aid decisions on the automation of short series and high product mix production.

LoHiSwedProd is a very strong consortium gathering production companies from a range of industries, academic partners, institutes, IUC and trade unions. Technology dissemination will benefit from the three partners involved: technology company Elajo with its large corporate network, Linnaeus University and trade union IF Metall, which represents a majority of Sweden's industrial employees. Two-thirds of the participating companies are small or medium-sized Enterprises.

The project has been created based on the premise that small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises generally have trouble adopting new digital technologies in the same way as larger companies. The ongoing 'reindustrialisation', or smart industry, increases the need for updated skills, new working methods and insights into new technologies, all of which are crucial to the future of production in Sweden.

SPS Best paper Award in cathegory High industrial relevance

The paper Guide for Automation of Low Volume Production by Malin Löfving, Träcentrum Nässjö; Peter Almström, Chalmers; Caroline Jarebrandt, Boel Wadman & Magnus Widfeldt, RISE, was awarded the prize with the following motivation:”The paper presents a guide aimed at supporting low volume automation. The guide is developed in collaboration with five manufacturing companies from different industrial sectors. The collaborative process between the researchers and the intended users (i.e. low volume manufacturers) and the requirements specification contributed to a tool that is perceived as useful. Finally, there is a potential for practical use since the tool is available for everyone through an open homepage.”



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El & Elektronik AB , OpiFlex Automation AB , AB Karl Andersson & Söner , Anebyhusgruppen AB, BK-Produkter i Alvesta AB , Mastec AB, Safeman AB , Unicarriers Europe AB , WM Press AB, Chalmers University of Technology, IF Metall, Träcentrum, Linnaeus University


Vinnova Produktion2030

Guide for flexible automation (in Swedish)

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