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Magnetic resonance imaging where the patient's experience is different
Photo: David Peters, Ken Treloar, Erik Einebrant


COSMO@HOME aims to develop a digital tool for children to prepare at home for upcoming MRI
scans to avoid sedation during the scans themselves.

The app will contain different personalized modules such as exercises and games to learn to lay still or breathe deeply. One module may allow to experience a scan in virtual reality and another parental module would provide background information. The aim is to reduce the number of sedations with 20%, which will lead to a decrease in hospital time, cost reduction and improved healthcare.

To be able to carry out successful MR scans on children without sedation, a novel preparation protocol has been developed called COSMO. COSMO is designed to achieve MR acquisitions with awake children as young as four years of age in a time and resource efficient manner. This without mock scanners, lengthy preparation procedures or repeated hospital visits. The children are prepared by immersing them in a fantasy, child friendly and engaging story, which is told and performed by trained hospital staff.

The aim of this project is to scale up the COSMO protocol by creating a digital COSMO tool that can be used by children and parents to prepare for the scanning sessions at home. Such a tool will bypass or limit the need for dedicated staff members and is as such far more scalable and cost-effective than the current approach. In this project, we will design and implement the tool based on prior knowledge of all the partners to achieve optimal success, a maximal number of scans without the need for sedation. The tool will be tested in 3 different hospitals to evaluate its effectiveness, efficiency and clinical impact.


Project name




RISE role in project

Utvecking av prototyp

Project start


3 år

Total budget

5 000 000 SEK


EIT Health

Project members

Contact person

Marie Sjolinder

Senior Researcher

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