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Connectivity and Health Monitoring of 3D-printed Components

The purpose of the project Connectivity and Health Monitoring of 3D-printed Components for Extreme Applications (CoHM3D) is to build smart functionality into critical components operating in extreme environments.

Project goals

The goal of CoHM3D is to introduce digitised state measurement of critical components operating in demanding environments where it is not possible to use externally placed sensors in the traditional manner.

Through additive manufacturing, advanced fibre optic networks – not unlike the human nervous system – can be placed inside components where state measurement can be conducted in carefully selected positions in a manner not previously possible. This will be realised by bringing together three innovative disciplines – additive manufacturing, fibre-optic sensors and augmented reality – and by resolving industrial problems through digitalisation, connectivity and machine learning.

This radical combination of 3D manufacture and Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensor technology is unique in being able to measure parameters such as temperature and elongation at normally inaccessible points, in real time and with a high level of accuracy.


This investment is linked to the Swedish Government’s cooperation programme Connected Industry and New Materials and is part of a special commission from the Government for the digitisation of industry. The aim is to create the conditions for positioning Swedish industry at the forefront of digitalisation.

The project is financed by Vinnova, under their call for funding Cutting-edge Projects for Future Digitalised Industry.



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Project start


2017-05 - 2019-11


Brogren Industries, Carpenter Powder Products, Gestamp Hardtech, Proximion, RISE, Uddeholms, XMReality



Seyed Hosseini

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Seyed Hosseini

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