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Comprehensive traceability for force metrology services

The project ComTraForce addresses industrial needs for static, continuous and dynamic force measurement traceable to the SI by introducing new calibration methods and transfer standards. This work will benefit a large range of users of different types of material testing machines.

Aim and goal

The overall aim of the project is to provide calibration services, in the field of mechanical and material testing, with methods and guidelines needed for comprehensive traceability of static, continuous and dynamic force measurements.


Internationally competitive high-tech products, such as those in the automotive and healthcare sectors, use highly efficient materials including carbon fibre, high tensile steel and concrete. European industry needs an improved scientific infrastructure, which covers a large range of different construction types, to measure their performance for safety and ecological use. Currently, calibration for material testing is done statically and does not only disregard time and frequency influences and but also lacks traceability.


In order to achieve the overall goal of the project, the following solutions have been planned:

  • development of advanced models that accurately describe the influences in force measuring devices, such as digital twins
  • development of a traceability chain for force metrological services by implementing new improved methods to consider static, continuous and dynamic force calibrations across a frequency range of 0 Hz to 1000 Hz in a force range from 1 N to 1 MN
  • development of guidelines for force calibration of testing machines under consideration of continuous and dynamic force applications and parasitic influences from multi-component forces and temperature effects
  • facilitating the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure developed in the project by the measurement supply chain (e.g. National Metrology Institutes, National Accreditation Bodies), standards developing organisations (e.g. ISO, ASTM) and end users (e.g. testing machine manufacturers, test houses)


Products from the automotive, aerospace, and healthcare and construction industries have a large impact on the quality of life for many people and are important for trade and infrastructure. Therefore, the improved force measurements in the continuous and dynamic regime developed in this project will be socially important for improved product design.


Project name




RISE role in project

Participant (focused on dynamic force)

Project start


2019 - 2022

Total budget

2 096 480 EUR


RISE, PTB, CEM, CMI, INRIM, NPL, TUBITAK, VTT, CU, USTUTT, ZAG, GUM, INMETRO, (RISE and several NMIs, universities and research institutes)



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Project members

Mikolaj Wozniak

Contact person

Mikolaj Wozniak


+46 10 516 62 07

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