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Communication and Maintenance for the Digital Factory

The project Communication and Maintenance for the Digital Factory (Command) takes advantage of new communication technology and IoT to define, develop and verify case-driven solutions to improve production operations, service and maintenance.


Aim and goal

The purposse of the project is to ensure that the manufacturing and processing industry in Sweden can take advantage of the rapid advances in informationtechnology and IoT and ensure faster adaptation through digitization. In the project, we will define, develop and verify solutions that can reduce unplanned downtime, improve human communication in a production environment, and demonstrate how financial benefits from investments for IoT-based maintenance can be calculated.


Previous studies show inefficiencies due to lack of communication, information management, collection and transmission, and inadequate use of modern technology in the operators, maintenance staff and suppliers' working methods.


In order to reduce unplanned downtime, we investigate how direct access to information (for operators and service technicians) can affects the outcome. We also investigate how new use of ICT can improve human communication in a production environment and are going to develop a basis for calculations showing possible financial benefits from investments for IoT based maintenance, where the work is performed by technicians.

The project will utilize technology from three different areas: consumer and gaming industries (e.g. Hololens from Microsoft), from data science (e.g. analytics for decision support), and from new knowledge and technology within communication science (e.g. social media, Youtube channels, expert forums).


The project contributes to the global sustainability goal "Sustainable Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure" by working for inclusive industrialization, contributing with knowledge that can improves production, service and maintenance, and enhances corporate understanding of digital technology opportunities.


Project name





Region Dalarna, Region Norrbotten, Region Värmland

RISE role in project

Research partner and project management

Project start



Total budget

8 112 500


SSAB EMEA AB, Podcomp, Smurfit Kappa, Piteå, Tetra Pak Technical Service AB, Prevas AB



Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Elin Hollström

Contact person

Elin Hollström

Project manager


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