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Electrical grid

Collaboration on Electrification Opportunities in an Attractive Region

The transition to fossil-fuel independence and the electrification of the industrial and transportation sectors presents significant challenges for Region Västra Götaland. By gathering data and collaborating with various stakeholders, the project aims to address the challenges related to the electrification of the region.

The Västra Götaland Regional Development Strategy 2021-2030 emphasizes the need for a transition to fossil-fuel independence, with electrification as one of the central priorities. By using electricity as an energy carrier, we can reduce climate-impacting emissions while maintaining the region's competitiveness. However, as many sectors are moving towards increased electrification at the same time, challenges with electrical grid capacity arise, limiting the pace of transition. The region also produces less than a third of the electricity it uses today. Strengthening the electrical grid and significantly expanding renewable electricity production involve challenging permit processes, which are often complicated and time-consuming.

To meet these challenges, coordination and region-wide efforts are required. In this project, carried out in close collaboration with Region Västra Götaland , tasks include mapping electricity needs, production, and grid capacity; coordinating efforts to use the electrical grid efficiently; and educational initiatives for different target groups. The project will identify and support efforts to implement measures in anticipation of grid reinforcement. The goal is to create collaboration to promote and accelerate a sustainable energy transition in the region.

Building on previous initiatives

The project builds on previous initiatives on the electrification of the region. The project aims to produce an updated summary of the region's future electricity needs and possible production, as well as work towards increased consensus and understanding among relevant stakeholders on how we can handle the challenges and accelerate electrification.


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