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Circular economy is based on the idea that reduced environmental impact and new business opportunities can be achieved through m
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Circular furniture flows

The project is working to show how an industry can specifically convert to a more circular economy. With innovative business relations and business models, the project has previously shown that it is possible to reconcile strong competitiveness with more sustainable social development.

"Business Models for Circular Furniture Flow" aims to meet society's need to use all kinds of resources better to create more sustainable industrial development, by providing the conditions for production and consumption of public furniture that is more resource efficient, less environmentally-friendly while strengthening the international competitiveness of companies.

In Sweden, furniture is produced for about SEK 23 billion a year, with about a quarter of office furniture. These office furniture is used for a few years, then thrown out when they have become scuffed and outdated in their designs - or simply because the business and its needs have changed. At the same time, office furniture production in Sweden is expected to contribute to climate impact with more than 150,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalents per year.

How can this climate impact and resource consumption be reduced?

Our solution is to take sustainability work to the next step by creating more circular flows and new business models on an industrial scale. Our analyzes show that it is possible to halve resource consumption and reduce climate impact by about 30 percent compared to today's linear systems where furniture is produced, used and finally thrown. In the furniture industry there is today a strong will, knowledge and capacity to create change.

In a two-year project we will work for what is needed for large-scale implementation, including changing attitudes of both consumers and manufacturers, but also by designing a labeling system that quality assures and tracks recycled furniture.


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Circular furniture flows



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Project owners, project leader, WP leaders, project co-workers.

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Until 2019-11-29

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Ludvig Svensson, Albin i Hyssna, Allies, Arbio (TMF), Rekomo, Centigo, Gärsnäs, Input Interiör, Region Jönköpings län, Kinnarps, Kammarkollegiet, Linköpings universitet, Offecct, RP (Recycling Partner), Region Skåne, FLOKK, SKL Kommentus inköpscentral, Swedese möbler, Vasakronan, Volvo Group Real Estate, Västra Götalandsregionen, White Arkitekter



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