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Circular business ecosystem: Sensors and recycling for heavy vehicle tyres

This project builds knowledge about how the heavy vehicle tyre system in Sweden could become more circular and resource efficient. New service-based business models based on integrated sensor data and increased retreading activity, as well as new recycling technology are the underpins for the development of more circular business ecosystems.

The project builds knowledge about how actors in the value chain for heavy vehicle tyres can increase resource productivity by the use of materials based IoT (Internet of Things) technology and serviced based value propositions. Usage and reuse of tyres can be optimized if users, fleet managers and repair shops etc. have access to real time information of ´health´ and ´health´ history of tyres.

The project both investigates and tests the actors’ business needs and driving forces in a business ecosystem and will lay a foundation for increased closed loops in the tyre system.

The project is based on a consortium of tyre buyers, users, producers of treads, retreaders, recycling technology actors, vehicle manufacturers, tyre dealers and waste management actors. In four work packages, drivers, barriers and future opportunities for sensors/IoT and servitisation are investigated. Tools for measuring the environmental impact of a circular system are developed as well as analysis of technological opportunities and business deals.

The project will result in a platform (toolkit and the start of a consortium) for a demonstrator for a considerably more circular material flow for commercial vehicle tyres and scientific contributions on innovation and economic barriers for a circular economy. The project contributes to several of the Swedish environmental objectives through building knowledge about the practical and commercial realization of a circular economy, which can contribute to resource-efficient recycling, good management of natural resources, energy efficiency and sustainable consumption.


Project name

Circular tyre project



RISE role in project

Project Manager

Project start


4 years

Total budget

6 455 744 SEK


AB Volvo, Scandinavian Envirosystems AB, Galdax AB, Ragn-Sells AB, IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet


Vinnova, Innovationer för ett hållbart samhälle 2016


Project members


External press

Film "Circular Economy Tire System" (5 min)

Supports the UN sustainability goals

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
Ann-Charlotte Mellquist

Contact person

Ann-Charlotte Mellquist


+46 70 265 65 60

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