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Calibrating torque transducers during rotation

The project will develop methods and systems for calibrating torque transducers during rotation.

A large part of the energy-demanding equipment in the industrial and transport sectors consists of  rotating machines. To be able to determine the efficiency of these machines, its torque needs to be determined. The transition in the transport sector with the development of electric motors and gearboxes for electric vehicles is an example of an area where determining the efficiency is of great importance.

Static calibration of torque transducers

Torque is a measure of how much force is required to turn something around. The higher the torque a rotating machine has, the more it can turn around its axis. Torque transducers are used to measure torque. These transducers are calibrated to ensure traceability to national standards. However, this calibration is done statically, without any rotation. Knowledge of how rotation affects the characteristics of the torque transducer and methods for calibrating torque transducers during rotation are lacking today. This means that there is a large uncertainty in measurements during rotation and in comparisons between different measurements.

Methods and test systems

The project will develop methods and a first test system for calibrating torque transducers during rotation, to assess how the rotation affects its properties. As a first step we will develop a working principle. The test system will be built for evaluation in a limited measuring context as a next step. At a later stage, the test system will be refined and developed with the aim of achieving full traceability during rotation.


Project name

Calibrating torque during rotation



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Total budget

1,510,000 SEK



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Fredrik Arrhén

Senior scientist

+46 10 516 56 24

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