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In recent years, it has been possible to measure a rapid increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide. This increase will continue due to the global demand for energy and materials from fossil sources. Sweden aims to become a carbon-neutral society by 2030 and to have negative net emissions of CO2 by 2045.

To achieve these goals, new solutions and methods are needed. The C1Bio project, which is funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation authority, will develop green catalytic methods that enable the valorisation of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into renewable platform chemicals, biofuels and polymers. Unique to this project are combined expertise in electrochemical, biochemical and green catalytic process to achieve CO2 fixation in refined materials.

By combining green chemistry, biocatalysis and photoelectrochemistry in a multidisciplinary collaboration, the project will initiate a CO2-based value chain represented by sustainable production of formaldehyde, methanol and polymer building blocks. In the longer term, in addition to reducing emissions, the conversion of CO2 into new energy sources will accelerate the decarbonisation of our society.

One of the goals of the project is to initiate a CO2-based value chain and thus create a carbon sink to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project also aims to develop green catalytic methods to activate CO2 for the production of sustainable biochemicals and materials and to facilitate knowledge transfer at the interface between academia and industry.

RISE part in the project is performed at RISE Processum in Örnsköldsvik. Processum works on the work package 5. Our objective is to generate at least two biochemicals/biomateirals using integrated process in laboratory scale from CO2 delivered from an industrial waste stream, capitalizing on the technologies developed in WP2-4 (at SU and KTH).


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13. Climate action
15. Life on land