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Biomass to energy and biochar for climate-efficient agriculture

The shift from fossil-based to biobased economy requires efficient use of the biomass feedstock. This can be done by extracting more valuable products than in conventional conversion. Instead of only producing heat, in addition, the fuel can be converted to biofuel, electricity or biochar.

Aim and goal

The overall purpose of the project is a more efficient use of agricultural products and biproducts.

The goal of the project is to increase the knowledge about available techniques to produce biochar, heat and electricity at farms, and to increase the knowledge about biochar and its qualities with respect to uses in agriculture such as horticulture, cleaning of soil and water, and biogas production.


To develop a production chain with efficient use of the biomass feedstock, and to develop several uses of biochar in agriculture.

Knowledge about biochar, its qualities, production techniques and its part in the product mix in production of heat and power is made available for farmers and other stakeholders. New questions and uses are identified.

The project will facilitate the decisions about techniques, processes and qualities that fit in the business of stakeholders in agriculture. Different techniques and products (biochar, combustible gases and ash) will be described, as well as biochar qualities suitable for different uses in agriculture.


Project name

Biomass to energy and biochar



RISE role in project


Project start






Swedish Board of Agriculture

Project members

Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy

Contact person

Susanne Paulrud

Senior forskare

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