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Biofuel production - new concept based on liquefaction and gasification

The proposed project aims to provide a scientific and technical basis for further development and commercialization of a new two step concept for thermochemical production of biofuels for forest industry residues. A hydrothermal pre-treatment I used to transform solid biomass to a pumpable slurry that can easily be fed to a pressurized gasifier. A strong synergy between the steps is realized by utilizing alkali metal catalysis in both.

The planned work includes experimental research I laboratory scale for both process steps and development of conceptual overall process design. The goal is to reach 50% energy efficiency from feedstock to main product and 70% when including by-products. The consortium covers all required competences, including scientific and technical expertise as well as commercialization. Partners are RISE , Luleå University of Technology, and KIRAM AB.


Project name

New concept for biofuel production



RISE role in project

Project management, process concept development, process modelling

Project start


2 years

Total budget

4.2 MSEK


Luleå Tekniska Universitet, KIRAM AB


Swedish Energy Agency


Project members

Erik Furusjö

Contact person

Erik Furusjö


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