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Bio-based CHP as profitable technology for balancing the energy system

The project intends to present a decision document showing the revenue levels required for flexible bio-based combined heat and power to be profitable. Among other things, the project will study the profitability of different technology solutions, fuel choices and market conditions.

Aim and goal

The purpose of the project is that actors can easily determine whether flexible bio-based power generation can be efficient, profitable and successful for balancing in a system of high levels of weather-dependent production. The aim of the project is to produce a decision basis showing the income levels which is required for different technology solutions and fuels for flexible bio-based CHP to be profitable, and under what market conditions these levels are achieved.


A key issue for the future's fully renewable energy system, with a high proportion of intermittent power generation, is how to provide the flexibility needed to balance the system. Tools to achieve this are crucial to ensuring robustness and flexibility in society's energy supply.


The project connects available and new knowledge of technology, electricity market and system services, as well as risk analysis and investment assessments.


The result will be a tool for calculating potential revenues and reduced costs in actual or predicted system and market positions for the individual operator.


Project name

Bio-based CHP for balancing



RISE role in project

Project leader

Project start


2 years

Total budget

1 374250 SEK


Borås Energi & Miljö, Vattenfall AB




Supports the UN sustainability goals

7. Affordable and clean energy