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BIM4EEB – Fast Mapping of Buildings AR-toolkit

BIM4EEB is an EU-funded project that develops digital tools and processes to support the renovation industry in existing buildings. The BIM-based tool concept integrates an efficient flow of information through digital 3D models that lead to improved work processes in terms of quality, accuracy and time.



The general objective of BIM4EEB is to propose methods and tools for overcoming current barriers arising in different stages of renovation processes.

1. Maximize efficiency in building renovation

2. Accelerate the market uptake across Europe towards a digital built environment

3. Speed-up data gathering and processing

4. Interoperability of different stakeholders and tools, harmonizing data exchange formats

Main results of the project include guidelines for BIM implementation, and an easy, practical and operational platform as a central repository of information, namely Common Data Environment (CDE).



One of the global challenges of the 21st century is to guarantee adequate residential conditions for the ageing population which is more and more cash stripped and has less opportunities of making the necessary arrangements for shelter during extensive and necessary renovation processes. BIM4EEB should provide this socio-demographic sphere with shortened renovation times, feedback systems and lesser costs making the whole process easier for the stakeholders in renovation processes.



RISE is together with CGI developing a digital tool for fast mapping of buildings. It consists of an AR-tool and sensors regarding geometric parameters, studs, installations of pipes, electrical cords and materials. The AR-tool solution will create a 3D-visualized environment and help finding hidden installations in buildings. Considering the lack of a reliable and complete set of documents (such as drawings and installation schemes) generally experienced when renovating buildings, a fast, precise and effective mapping of the building to be renovated will be developed for reducing time and cost. Time and cost savings will be mainly achieved by not having to re-do planning and drawings as mistakes are detected. The digital, user-friendly tool to be developed within the WP will import all the data from the mapping into the BIM model in an effective way.

The validation of the developed tools and proposed methodology will be tested on three demo sites in various climate zones for Best Practice Examples. These demonstration buildings have been selected in three different European countries and climate zones. The whole project relies on a user-centric approach, considering different involved users: stakeholders, such as architects, designers, construction companies and service companies will derive advantages of the implementation of BIM-based processes as inhabitants. For this reason, three social houses and residential apartment buildings have been selected as case studies in Poland, Italy and Finland.



  • A reduction of the renovation working time of at least 15-20% compared to current practices.
  • Acceleration of the market uptake across Europe, by speeding-up industrial exploitation, in particular amongst construction/ renovations companies with a target of 50% of their renovation business based on BIM.
  • Creation of best practice examples for the construction retrofitting sector with benefits for the operators and associated stakeholders (architects, designers, planners, etc.)
  • New generation of skilled workers, micro enterprises and SMEs in the construction sector capable of applying a systemic approach to renovation.
  • Over 95% of the Construction sector in Europe is composed of SMEs, which will be direct beneficiaries of the increased investments in retrofitting activities in Europe over the next years. Most of the new jobs generated through the implementation of deep retrofitting will go to SMEs with local operations. In this sense BIM4EEB will significantly contribute to local development.


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PoliMi, VTT, Solintel, RISE, UCC, iERC, Suite5, OneTeam, TUD, Caverion, Visualynk, ACE-CAE, CGI, Region Lombardia, ALER, Prochem

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