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Solar collector

Anti-reflective coatings for solar collectors

In the project we are developing an anti-reflective coating on the cover glass of solar collectors, which will result in an increase in the efficiency.


To reach the climate goals that have been set, there is a great need for environmentally friendly solutions in terms of energy production. Solar collectors use the sunlight for production of process steam used in industrial applications or for heating/cooling of buildings. To maximize the efficiency of the solar collector it is desirable that the cover glass reflects as little as possible of the sunlight, and that dirt does not stick to the glass surface.


RISE develops and characterizes thin, porous coatings on the cover glass of solar collectors, to maximize the transmittance of sunlight that ensures that as much energy as possible reaches the receiver. The coating also needs to exhibit good dirt-repellency. RISE also works with coating techniques that facilitate up-scaling to large-scale production.


Higher efficiency of solar collectors is expected to lead to an increased use of such products as an energy source, which is well in line with the demand on conversion to a more sustainable society.


Project name

AR coatings for solar collectors



RISE role in project

Development of an anti-reflective coating

Project start


2 years

Total budget

2 210 000 SEK


Absolicon, Umeå University




Project members

Mikael Järn

Contact person

Mikael Järn

Senior Forskare

+46 10 516 60 68

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