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Alternative national standard hygienisation methods

Enhanced economy at biogas plants and in fertilizer management with alternative national standard hygienisation

According to applicable legislation, manure and digestate must be sanitized in order to prevent disease transmission
before they may be merchandised on the open market. Swedish plants currently have the choice between using one
of two standard methods (70 °C for 1 h, or 52 °C for 10 h), or carry out an expensive validation of the process in order
to use other parameters. By preparing for the establishment of further nationally approved standard hygienisation
methods, this project will contribute to a better profitability in the handling of manure and digestate. Based on a
screening of other countries' rules, interviews, a literature survey and lab scale experiments, we will propose at least 5
new methods which will comply with the legislative requirements for hygienisation. Since the affected authority, the
Swedish Board of Agriculture, is part of the reference group, it is likely that the proposed methods will get
implemented in the approval of future plants.


Project name

More standard hygienisation methods



RISE role in project

Coordinator, participant

Project start


3 years

Total budget

2,8 MSEK


Josefine Elving, Statens Veterinärmedicinska Anstalt (SVA), Sara Bergström Nilsson, Hushållningssällskapet


Stiftelsen JTI, The Swedish Waste Association


Project members

Daniel Tamm

Contact person

Daniel Tamm

Senior projektledare

+46 10 516 69 75

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