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Opportunities for agriculture in land-based solar parks (agrivoltaics)
Photo: Andreas Gücklhorn (UnSplash)

Agrivoltaics in Skåne

This project will examine technical, economical and legislative challenges and possibilites for combining agriculture and energy production in land-based solar parks in Skåne, so called agrivoltaics systems.

This project is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The number, and size, of land-based solar parks has increased intensively the last years in Sweden. This development can contribute to the green transition, while at the same time compete with other public interests such as agriculture and food production. Internationally, so called agrivoltaics systems where agriculture and solar energy production is combined have gained increasing interest, and numerous agrivoltaics systems have been implemented in EU and other parts of the world. In Sweden, there are so far only a few agrivoltaic systems, where e.g. sheeps are grazing and fodder grass are harvested. Hence, there are large knowledge gaps on the potential for agrivoltaics in Nordic conditions - such as suitable crops, design choices to optimize the light conditions, business models that promote farmers, landowners and solar energy stakeholders, as well as legislative aspects.

In this project - coordinated by Skåne Regional Council - we will design and install a physical test facility, in order to examine and demonstrate how agriculture and solar power production can be combined in Scanian conditions. Additionally, the project will investigate suitable crops, technical and design aspects, as well as other vital aspects such as profitability, business models and policies/regulations. An essential part of the project will be to demonstrate, create and share knowledge to relevant stakeholders. The project will be performed in broad collaboration with representatives from academia, industry and the public sector.

RISE is providing the project expertise in both policy/regulations and agriculture, as well as leading the work package on regulations and business models.

Project objectives

  • Gain knowledge about crops suitable for agrivoltaics, and how agrivoltaic systems should optimally be designed
  • Gain knowledge about economic aspects within agrivoltaic systems, in comparison to conventional cropland and solar parks
  • Gain knowledge about how national and international policies, regulations and subsidies impact the possibilites for agrivoltaics, and what changes is needed to promote the development

Projekt participants

Skåne Regional Council is the project owner. Besides RISE, County Administrative Board (CAB) of Skåne, Energy Agency Southern Sweden, the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and Mälardalen University are project partners. Additional participants are The Federation of Swedish Farmers, Nordic Beet Research as well as the solar power companies SolarEdge and Alight.

The total project budget is approximately 20 million SEK, of which 8 million SEK is funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The remaining 12 million SEK is funded by the project organizations, of which 8.6 million SEK from CAB of Skåne.

Supports the UN sustainability goals

2. Zero hunger
7. Affordable and clean energy
9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action
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