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Aero EDIH digitization of the aviation industry

Aero EDIH – Digital Transformation for a sustainable aviation industry

Aero EDIH will facilitate the development of a new smart industry for next-generation aviation – a global growth industry with cutting-edge technologies such as drones, electrification, and digitalization. The European Commission has selected the consortium to lead a European Digital Innovation Hub to develop a sustainable aviation industry.

Aero EDIH is a Digital Innovation Hub where companies can utilize digital transformation to increase their competitiveness and sustainability. For example, they will be able to receive support in developing skills to create new solutions with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, high-performance computing (HPC), 5G, and IoT.

The Digital Innovation Hub will provide SMEs, regional airports, and public services with access to testing opportunities, training, and investor networks. The aim is to promote sustainable solutions, increase competitiveness and stimulate growth.

Airspace is one of society's most underutilized resources. We are on the threshold of a future where people and goods can move efficiently and sustainably in three dimensions. The new possibilities will revolutionize the transport and mobility industry.


Project name




RISE role in project


Project start


Three years


Norrköping Science Park, Linköpings universitet, Independent Business Group


Vinnova, Europeiska kommissionen, Region Östergötland, Tillväxtverket

Project members

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Rasmus Lundqvist

Contact person

Rasmus Lundqvist

Senior Forskare

+46 70 678 31 59

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