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A Calibration Resource for non-contact Dynamic Temperature Measurement

The project aims to develop a calibration method to verify that non-contact temperature instruments are capable of measuring rapid dynamic temperature changes. Many industrial applications and processes take place at high speed, and increased demands on products and energy efficiency mean that you want to be able to make quick accurate measurements

The national laboratory for temperature sees an increasing demand to be able to calibrate and verify different types of non-contact temperature measurement systems. In addition to the traditional objective to measure a correct static temperature, there is also a growing interest in being able to verify that the rapid temperature changes that the current measurement system can record also corresponds to the actual temperature change. The national laboratory has a number of different reference black bodies that can generate stable temperatures within a wide range. By controlling the exposure of a non-contact thermometer for a certain temperature, its dynamic properties can be determined. This exposure will be done by placing a device between the black body and the measuring instrument that can provide an opening to the black body for a defined time. The objective of the project is to develop a calibration resource in the range of -30 to 2300 ° C, which enables calibration of non-contact temperature-sensitive instruments equivalent to at least 1000 measurements / second, which means measuring times less than 1 ms.


Project name

Dynamic Temperature Measurement



RISE role in project

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Total budget

550 kSEK



Contact person

Sara Ljungblad


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