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Vibration Center

The Vibration Center's goal is to reduce vibration-related injuries by addressing the source of the problem. As a member of the network, your company receives knowledge and help on vibration-related issues.

RISE has long experience of working with projects and activities to reduce vibration in machines. With the Vibration Center, we want to create a hub where companies and organizations can share knowledge, experience and get help with various vibration-related issues.

Vibration Center is under development, we expect to be up and running fall 2020.

Planned activities

We plan to offer the following activities and services within the Vibration Center.

• Vibration measures for machines
• Vibration remediation at companies
• Vibration measurement of machines
• Education
• Seminars for competence building and dissemination of information
• Legislation and regulations
• Collaboration with other stakeholders in the area
• Identification and initiation of research projects
• External monitoring
• ISO related work

Please contact us for more information about the Vibration Center and to become a member.

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Vibration Center


Please contact us for more information and to become a member.

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