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The Food and Environment network

The environment, including the climate on our planet, is affected by the food on our table. What is the latest knowledge about food's climate impact and other important environmental issues linked to food production such as land, pesticide and water use and waste? How will food production and operations become more resource and climate efficient?

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We welcome new and former members to a new exciting season in the Food and Environment network, 2020/2021

The network is organized by RISE, Agriculture and Food, and is a meeting place for stakeholders in the food chain. The purpose is to effectively update the participants with the latest knowledge, facts and events in food and the environment and provide opportunities for discussion and exchange of experience between companies, organizations, researchers and other actors.

We usually have three meetings per season. Last season we had planned two meetings in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm. With Covid 19, we had to implement digital half-days, instead in the spring. We are currently planning for how the next season will be set up.

A warm welcome with your registration to the network and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The following companies / organisations have participated during the 2019/20 season:

Animalia, Arla Foods, Aviko Norden, Bertegruppen/SIA Glass, Delfi Marknadspartner, Fazer Group, Findus Sverige, KRAV, Jordbruksverket, Lantmännen, LRF, Lyckeby Starch, Löfbergs Lila, Mashie Foodtech Solutions, Naturvårdsverket, Oatly, Orkla ASA, Orkla Foods, Santa Maria/Paulig group, Sigill Kvalitetssystem, Svensk Fågel, Svenskmärkning, Sweden Food Arena

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The Food and Environment network

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Invitaion (in swedish)
An exampel of the programme during earlier season (in swedish)


The participation fee for the season 20/21 amounts to: SEK 19,000 per participant.
If you want to be more participants from the same company / organization, the additional fee is SEK 5,000 for up to five people.

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