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The Chemicals Group

The Swedish Chemicals Group provides current insights on chemical and environmental issues to textile and electronics industry members. A membership offers access to external monitoring, networks, practical tools, early notice on relevant legal updates, and news about chemicals found in articles and potential substitutes.

A membership in the Chemicals Group makes you better equipped to communicate relevant chemical requirements to your suppliers and to meet questions and demands from consumers and the media. We disseminate information in the chemicals field in an easily understandable way, so the information is useful in your daily work with chemicals in articles. Today the network consists of over 120 member companies divided into two subgroups:

  • Textile, for companies mainly in textiles, footwear, furniture and retail
  • EEE, with focus on chemicals in electronic and electrical products

Benefits for members

A membership in the Chemicals Group gives you access to:

  • Regular meetings with exchange of experiences and information on current environmental and chemical issues in products and production.
  • Exchange of knowledge through invited speakers from the chemical industry, NGOs, authorities and others.
  • Access to the chemicals database ChemicALL, developed for the needs of member companies.
  • Three major meetings a year with all members for discussions on current topics and often further knowledge exchange with invited speakers.
  • Regional meetings twice a year in Stockholm, Oslo, Borås and Mölndal.
  • Webinar sharing interesting topics.
  • One visit per year from the Chemicals Group on site at your company for company-specific chemical issues.
  • Continuous support by phone and email.

ChemicALL: the Chemicals Group's database

A membership in the Chemicals Group gives access to ChemicAll - the OECD's top-ranked chemical tool. Unlike many other chemical databases, you do not need to be a chemist or know the exact names of substances or under which CAS numbers they are registered. The chemical substances are instead sorted according to what function they bring to the product in question and in what materials and in which processes they can be used.

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The Chemicals Group

More information

The network is run and coordinated by RISE in collaboration with experts from universities and governmental bodies.

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46,000 SEK per calendar year (2024), gives you membership in one subgroup: the Chemicals Group Textile or the Chemicals Group EEE.

57,500 SEK per calendar year (2024), gives you membership in both subgroups: Chemicals Group Textile and Chemicals Group EEE.

Membership is automatically extended by one year if you do not announce exit before October 1 of the current year.

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