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SUW – The International Development Group for Corrugated Board

SUW, The International Development Group for Corrugated Board, was founded in 1968 to support and finance research within the Swedish corrugated board industry. The group has developed over the years and today contains members from the European paper, corrugated board and its supplier industry.

Ongoing Projects

Two research projects are ongoing simultaneously. ”Corrugated board in e-commerce” and ”Causes of warp”.

SUW Project History

Over the years, SUW has worked on projects concerning the production of corrugated board as well as the properties of the finished packaging. More than 40 projects have been completed in SUW. Hundreds of reports are available to members of SUW's Projectplace.

The research projects are carried out by staff at RISE together with staff from both Swedish and European industry. Many projects also include the use of industrial machinery.

SUW wants the results of the projects to be documented in reports, but primarily used as recommendations and guidance in daily work. Materials that can be used for staff training are given high priority.

Network facts




Region Stockholm

More information

Operator model for heat and moisture transfer in liner and fluting

A model was developed that calculates how moisture and temperature in the liner are affected by different settings in the corrugator as the liner passes over preheaters. It is installed on a PC and can be used by, among other things, operators of corrugators for educational purposes.

With the help of sliders different parameters can be set and moisture and temperature will be calculated according to these parameters. 

Gluing of Corrugated Board

A laboratory equipment to mimic the double backer gluing process has been developed. A single face corrugated board can be glued with different parameters to a liner with this device. The gluing conditions in a real corrugator can be simulated.

SUWs Policy 

SUW has the policy to be the center for high class research and development in the corrugated board area.  SUW is aiming at: 

  • Perform high class research and development to promote corrugated board 
  • Develop cost-efficient processing techniques for the production and conversion of corrugated board          
  • Improve the properties of corrugated board raw materials

Chairman of the steering committee 

Lars Eriksson
Stora Enso Packaging


Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp
Telephone: +46 768 76 7073

SUW - Standard för corrugated board for use in packing machines


SUWs members

Paper producers

  • Billerud
  • Holmen
  • Metsä Group
  • SCA Containerboard
  • Smurfit Kappa Kraftliner/Paper Division
  • MondiPowerflute

Corrugated board producers

  • Glomma Papp
  • VPKPeterson
  • DS Smith Packaging
  • Smurfit Kappa Sverige
  • Stora Enso Packaging

Machinery and starch suppliers

  • BHS Corrugated
  • Crespel & Deiters


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Astrid Glasenapp

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Astrid Glasenapp

Senior Research Manager

+46 76 876 70 73

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Johan Alfthan

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Johan Alfthan

Senior research associate

+46 10 228 45 82

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