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Stamping and Forming Center of Excellence

With the network Stamping and Forming we want to create an application center for process development, testing and material characterization of sheet and multimaterial.

The Network Stamping and Forming Center of Excellence is run by RISE in collaboration with Techtank Advanced Engeneering Alliance. The center's focus is on shaped and pressed products and components. Experts from various disciplines with a holistic perspective on industry challenges and opportunities are consulted for material testing and characterization. We carry out R&D projects in simulation, forming processes, tribology and tool making. Furtermore, the center has expertise in automation, jointing and equipment.

The Stamping & Forming Center of Excellence is aimed for companies with an interest to collaborate with other companies, institutes and universities on technology development and innovation.

Activities for members

The center is based on systematic needs and external analysis. As a member, you can take part in:

  • Individual mapping with systematic analysis of your company's development needs
  • Opportunity to participate in collaborative projects, based on the joint development needs of the member companies and external monitoring
  • You will get access to studies and projects that RISE performs and are assessed as relevant
  • Invitation to courses and seminars
  • Invitation to study visits, conferences and fairs
  • Network meetings where you can exchange experience and knowledge with others
  • Newsletter Plåtforum, 3-4 times a year, distributed by our sister network Plåtforum that monitors the development, news and events in sheet forming
  • Invitation to Techtank Conference, an annual conference focusing on stamping and pressing

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Stamping and Forming Center


Contact us for more information and to become a member. See contact information below.

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