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Network for foundries working with greensand

Through the network for greensand, foundries working with molds in greensand will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with each other and with researchers from RISE. It is also possible to participate in RISE research projects in the area.

This is the network for foundries that work with greensand, i.e. make their moulds of sand and bentonite clay. The process for casting in greensand molds includes a number of sub-processes that together make the systems complex. The network offers the opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences, tips and advice.

Benefits for members

  • RISE organizes two network meetings per year, for exchange of information and experience
  • The network meetings usually take place at one of our member companies, with the possibility of study visits
  • Opportunity to participate in RISE research projects in the area
  • Opportunity to influence the focus on RISE's future research in the field

Increased efficiency thanks to the network

Several of the members testify to the importance of the network, both for their own company and for the industry. For SKF in Katrineholm, exchange of experience from the network meetings, for example, has resulted in increased efficiency of the process by improving the cooling of the greensand.

In addition to SKF, also Scania, Volvo, Xylem, Arvika and Ulefos participate in the network.

Joint research project

The participants in the network have together with RISE carried out the research project Robust råsand. Here, the use of new modern measurement methods was studied with the aim of giving the foundries a better basis for their process control.

Contact us for more information and to become a member.

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Network for foundries working with greensand


Contact us for more information about the network and to become a member. See contact information below.

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