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Marine Corrosion membership program

Seawater is known to be an aggressive media which limits the use of most materials due to corrosion issues. In the MRC Marine Corrosion, we test the limits for materials and corrosion protection.

The Member Research Comsortia, MRC, Marine Corrosion is aimed at those with an interest in the corrosion resistance of materials used for seawater applications. We have 16 members consisting of material suppliers, engineering companies and end-users from oil and gas industry and other seawater-concerned fields. Together we test the limits of applications for given materials and design solutions for corrosion protection.

In co-operation with our testbed

R&D programs involving natural seawater corrosion tests are performing within the MRC. It includes:

  • Corrosion exposure in natural seawater of materials (stainless steels, Ni-based alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, carbon steels etc
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Modelling (cathodic protection, corrosion)
  • Controlled seawater loops (temperature, flow rate, oxygen, chlorination etc)
  • Hydrogen embrittlement under CP
  • Fatigue / SCC tests in natural seawater

The seawater station, also called Testbed for testing in natural sea water is largely used for this purpose.  

Benefits for members

Being member will set you in contact with the main European actors in the field of seawater corrosion. In addition to R&D program results, the members are invited to discuss and share their current corrosion issues and new knowledges. 


MRC Marine Corrision is run by RISE and the subsidiary Institut de la Corrosion.

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