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The brass industry is facing a transition to lead-free alloys. Within the membership program brass alloy, we conduct research with a focus on corrosion, materials and manufacturing technology adapted for the modern lead-free and low-lead brass alloys.

The brass industry is phasing a transition to lead-free alloys. This transition involves finding suitable ways to produce, cast and process the new alloys, as well as follow up the latest progress from both a regulatoryly and R&D point of view. In addition to the technical challenges of manufacturing, it is of importance to ensure that the modern materials have the desired properties based on corrosion, mechanical properties and life time. It is difficult for individual companies to manage that work themselves. Collaboration provides increased opportunities, expanded networks and access to latest updates on knowledge and know-how.

The membership program brass alloy is led by RISE together with Swerim. Both RISE and Swerim have many years of experience working with brass. This knowledge, together with access to advanced and modern analysis equipment, creates the conditions for conducting research projects at a high level.

Among the members are manufacturing companies and material suppliers.

Examples of projects that are underway within the brass membership program:

  • Development of method for testing of grain boundary corrosion
  • Stress corrosion without the presence of traditional corrosive substances
  • Corrosivity of various substances in contact with lead-free and low-lead brass alloys
  • Atlas of the microstructure of lead-free brass alloys

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MRC Brass Alloy


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