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MRC on Corrosion in Biorefinery Production

Based on scientific research, as well as strong collaboration among key players in biorefinery production, including plant operators, material producers, and experts on materials and corrosion, Member Research Consortium (MRC) Corrosion in Biorefinery Production will help its members with corrosion issues.


  • To establish a platform for networking among key players in biorefinery production
  • To study corrosion of metals used in biorefinery production process

Benefits for members

The immediate industrial benefits of the MRC include:

  • Contribution to the scope of R&D projects
  • Annual meetings (two meetings per year)
  • Improved knowledge on the material needs and the opportunities of corrosion resistant alloys in the biorefinery sector.
  • Establishment of a network promoting further and deeper discussions on related topics across the value chain.
  • Acquiring of the necessary information for relevant design of experiment on corrosion behaviour of corrosion resistant alloys under different exposure conditions.
  • Participation in joint material testing programs to obtain important corrosion data for alloys under relevant exposure conditions.

The long-term industrial benefits will be vital contributions to improvements for the complete value chain of biorefinery production including:

  • Technical – Suitable materials selection that enables advanced biorefinery processes
  • Environmental – Reduced material loss during biorefinery processes
  • Economic – Competitiveness of the biorefinery sector

R&D projects

  • Investigation of effect of chloride on corrosion behaviour of different alloys in simulated biorefinery process (2022-2024)


Please contact us for more information on the MRC and how to become a member.

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Please contact us for more information regarding membership. See contact information below.

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