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New MRC will help biorefineries with their corrosion challenges

In the beginning 2022 RISE will start a new MRC (Member Research Consortium). This is done in order to develop and provide suitable testing for corrosion evaluation of materials used in biorefinery production.

Biorefinery is an emerging technology and a continuously growing business sector with a continuous development of new advanced processes. Many of these processes are highly demanding regarding the corrosion resistance of the alloys used in biorefinery plants. This makes it challenging to introduce the new advanced processes on a large commercial scale and to benefit from their full potential.

Based on scientific research, as well as collaboration among researchers, scientists, material manufacturers and biorefinery plant operators, the new MRC will help its members with corrosion issues.

The immediate industrial benefits of the MRC include:

  • Improved knowledge regarding the material needs and the opportunities of corrosion resistant alloys in the biorefinery sector.
  • Establishment of a network promoting further and deeper discussions on related topics across the value chain.
  • Acquiring of the necessary information for relevant design of experiment on corrosion behaviour of corrosion resistant alloys under different exposure conditions. This aims to enable proper materials selection and exploitation of the opportunities of these alloys in biorefinery production.
  • Participation in joint material testing programs to obtain important corrosion data for alloys under relevant exposure conditions.

The long-term industrial benefits will be vital contributions to improvements for the complete value chain of biorefinery production including:

  • Technical – Suitable materials selection that enables advanced biorefinery processes
  • Environmental – Reduced material loss during biorefinery processes
  • Economic – Competitiveness of the biorefinery sector

Please contact us for more information on the MRC and how to become a member.

Our First Digital Event


Our First Digital Event

On May 20, 2021, RISE, Processum and the French Corrosion Institute co-organized the first digital event of MRC Biorefinery “New Member Program on Corrosion in Biorefinery Production”. Total of 44 participants from 24 companies/institutes in 8 countries were registered from various key sectors including biorefinery plant operators, material producers and technology and service providers. The event aimed to introduce the concept of the MRC to potential members. During the event:

  • Experience from the field and on corrosion resistant alloys for severe service conditions were shared by industry invited speakers.
  • Preliminary experimental results of certain corrosion resistant alloys exposed to high temperature and pressure under acidic environment done by a group of experienced material and corrosion researchers from RISE in Sweden and France were presented.
  • An introduction to the ongoing and substantial RISE investment in a new centre for bioeconomy development test beds was given.
  • An outlook for the next important steps among participants and project scope of interests, for example simulation of actual service conditions, were discussed.

The next digital meeting will be held in Q3 of 2021. Please contact us for more information on the meeting.

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