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MRC Aerospace

In the MRC Aerospace we study corrosion and corrosion protection of materials used in the aerospace industry. We have a particular focus on designing reproducible, robust corrosion testing for new aluminum alloys and new surface treatments.

New regulations (REACH) have led to major changes in the corrosion protection of aluminum. It is therefore necessary to find an alternative to traditional aluminum alloys and surface finishes.

Tests for the aerospace industry

For the aerospace industry, it is necessary to find alternative materials and coatings, and there is a need to develop relevant accelerated tests of aluminum alloys that exhibit good resistance to atmospheric corrosion.

Objectives of the MRC Aerospace

  • To study corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys with accelerated corrosion tests
  • Choosing parameters to develop new accelerated corrosion tests
  • To develop a test method for atmospheric corrosion of aluminum alloys

Benefits for members

The MRC Aerospace includes a number of companies that share common interests. Together, the members formulate projects that are carried out in close collaboration with RISE and the subsidiary Institut de la Corrosion.

In the MRC Aerospace, we create networking opportunities where members can meet and exchange experiences with partners in industry, public administration, material suppliers and researchers. Examples of activities within the MRC are project meetings, seminars, conferences and courses.

MRC Aerospace has 12 member companies from Europe and the USA.


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MRC Aerospace


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