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Måltid Sverige

Måltid Sverige is an organization that raises the competence in the public meal sector through lifelong learning, networks and research- and development projects. Måltid Sverige consists of a partnership with regions and membership with municipalities, currently with Västra Götaland, Halland and Sörmland, with RISE as the host organization.

Some examples of projects that RISE run in public meals through Måltid Sverige and Skolmatsakademin.

Lifelong learning

Måltid Sverige is an independent actor, which arranges educational opportunities and creates a structure for experience exchanges contributing to enhancement of competence in the public meal sector.


Måltid Sverige coordinates thematical network for members, with a focus on the future’s sustainable meals and it´s integration in school and health care. We participate by being a complement and support in several regional and local networks. We help partners to coordinate networks in important strategical issues such as the ability to provide food security, as well as food strategies from a public meal perspective. Together we are one mutual voice.

Research and development projects

Måltid Sverige capture needs and forwards them into research- and development projects, enabling a higher level of knowledge and development of successful methods and innovations. Together with academia, university and institutions, research forums are arranged where current issues are addressed, linking research and operational work together.

We have contact and connect with projects and initiatives around the country.

Network facts


Måltid Sverige


Region Gotland, Region Halland, Region Sörmland, Västra Götaland Region


Network website


Research forum

More information

This website keeps you updated on Måltid Sveriges educational opportunities and activities, as well as other interesting meetings and conferences. Take part of projects and experiences and sign up for the newsletter!

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Membership- municipalities

A membership in Måltid Sverige provides business development and knowledge enhancement. The target group include public meal organizations within school and health care.

This is included

  • Structured experiences exchanges
  • Influence over content and operative work in Måltid Sverige
  • Access to development projects
  • Tailored educational packages/materials
  • Networks
  • Dialogue meetings
  • A 15% discount on activities hosted by Måltid Sverige
  • Måltid Sverige’s e-learning
  • Newsletter

Partnership- regions

A partnership in Måltid Sverige signifies co-development and exchange on a strategic level.

This is included

  • National partner meetings and co-development with various themes, for example food supply, crisis management, health and sustainability as a part of the work with food strategy within the public meal sector.
  • Through the partnership we develop public meals through innovative working methods for lifelong learning. We run issues around research & innovation, arrange research forums and initiate development projects.
  • We provide forums for exchange by monitoring and channeling what other players in the industry offers

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