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MAKExperience network

MAKExperience is a network, but also a working method that increases the innovation capacity of your company. As a member of the network you have the opportunity to exchange experience with others while developing your company's business concept.

MAKExperience network is a cross-functional network for discussion, knowledge transfer and exchange of experience. Among our 150 participants are researchers, business leaders, engineers, political scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, consultants and industrialists. 

Method of innovation

We call MAKExperience an experience-based working method with the aim of increasing the innovation capacity of the company. Using this method, your company can create new overall offerings based on customers' underlying needs, such as new combinations of products, services and experiences.

MAKExperience contributes both to creating new offerings and to increasing innovation capacity on several levels; as an individual, as an organization and as a region.

Network meetings

MAKExperience conducts idea workshops several times a year. These are open to both existing and prospective members and represent an excellent opportunity to meet the network for the first time.


Contact us for more information and to become a member!

Network facts


MAKExperience network


Contact us for more information and to become a member!

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