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Die-cast network

The die-casting industry faces exciting challenges. As a member of the Die-cast network you stay updated, you get the opportunity to exchange experiences with other companies, organizations and academia as well as participate in and influence future activities in both the industry and the research area for die-casting.

Die-casting shows steady growth both in Sweden and internationally. An increasing number of sectors are demanding weight-efficient and environmentally sustainable components, such as the automotive industry, where the transition to fossil-free drivelines presents both challenges and opportunities. The press foundries that can meet future customer requirements for new alloys, flexible capacity, digital solutions around traceability and at the same time actively contribute to the end customer's goals and visions are predicted a bright future.

When it comes to tools, new opportunities are offered to optimize performance for each component. Increased automation and process availability as well as the ability to attract well-educated labor are likely to be decisive success factors for the competitiveness and profitability of the foundries.

Network for knowledge and exchange of experience

The Die-cast network offers meeting places and activities where stakeholders along the entire value chain can meet and exchange knowledge and experience. Industry organizations, academia, research institutes and other business promotion organizations also play an important role in the network.

Typical activities are conferences and study visits, both in Sweden and internationally. Furthermore,  you will get the opportunity to shape future industry, research and education activities.

The aim of the network is to support companies' strategic development through external monitoring, dissemination of knowledge and increased collaboration, and contribute to increased competitiveness, sustainable growth and good profitability.

Free membership

Participation in the Die-cast network is free and open to all Swedish companies with links to the die-casting industry and its customers. Contact us to become a member.

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Die-cast network


Membership fee: Free.

Contact us for more information and to become a member. See contact information below.

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