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Corrosion and cathodic protection in soils

Corrosion of buried structures and infrastructure produces large costs for society and companies. RISE has extensive experience in this area and in our member research consortium we conduct research in order to explore and find new solutions to corrosion problems.

RISE, including the Institut de la Corrosion, has more than 30 years of experience in research and consulting projects in the field of corrosion under ground. With this background, in 2018 RISE started the new member research consortium called Corrosion and cathodic protection in soil.

Share information and influence research

The member research consortium, MRC, comprises a number of companies that share common interests, end users, engineering companies and material producers (piping and coatings). We discuss current issues and concerns related to corrosion in soil and cathodic protection in soil. As a member you can influence and participate in RISE research and developing projects.

Within the MRC we organize networking opportunities for partners in industry, public organizations, materials suppliers and researchers. This includes project meetings, seminars, conferences and courses.

Please contact us for more information and to join the MRC Corrosion and cathodic protection in soils.

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Corrosion and cathodic protection in soils


Contact us for more information and to become a member. See contact information below.

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